One of our greatest priorities is the shul experience for our children. We are excited to announce the continuation of our programming with it's additions to our comprehensive program catering to all children from the age of 3 and up. The program has been established to provide a unique opportunity and create a positive and enriching experience for our children. Please take note of the arrangement and what the program entails so both you and your children can be best prepared. As this is not a babysitting service, but an opportunity for your child to partake in shul within their own age interests, please respect the times and make sure to drop of and pick up your child in a timely manner. For safety protocol, we ask a parent to drop off and pick up your child from the program rooms.  

** ** Please see details below for our pre-program orientation. If you can not make it please email us at: [email protected] to receive information to go over with your children before the program begins, so we can best share a safe, organized and all around successful year! 

Program Timing:

10:30 - 12:00 

Shabbos Mevarchim: 11:00 - 12:30 

PreschoolLocation -  The second half of the Youth Room on the second floor, which is next to the women’s section.

Boys: Pre-1-A, 1 st , 2 nd  Grade: Location -Library on the second floor.  This is a structured program with time slotted for Davening, games, story and snack.

Girls: Pre-1-A, 1 st , 2 nd GradeLocation - The first half of the Youth Room. This is a structured program with time slotted for Davening, games, story and snack.

Boys & Girls 3rd Grade and up: Location -  Daily Minyan room upstairs. Our KIA Minyan empowers our children to take part of and take leadership roles in their very own Minyan. With exciting incentive programs in place and interactive davening, this Minyan is a unique and beautiful addition our community hosts for our children. Each child will have a personal name tag printed upon sign up. 

Please note the following:

With our exciting upgrade comes new incentives, hired staff, and supplies! 
We ask each parent to cover the nominal fee per child to make this program as available as possible to all.  

Annual Pricing:

Member Price: $36 per child

Non- Member Price: $150 per child

To sign up, click HERE!