Thursday Night Kollel

Come add Torah to your busy week. To get paired with a Chavrusa and reserve a paid spot please reach out to Rabbi Laufer.

Monday Night Smichas Chaver Program

Join Rabbi Marlow for an in-depth practical Shabbos Halacha Shiur, following the world renowned Smichas Chaver program.

Daf Yomi

Start your day early and right, with the Daf Yomi Shiur given by Rabbi E. Smith.

Daily Tanya

Tanya at 7:30 am with Mendy Lieberman, every morning in the Main Shul.

Daily Rambam Shiur

Learn 3 Perakim a day with Rabbi Marlow, after the 8:30 am Minyan.

Daily Ein Yackov Shiur

Learn the secrets of the Talmud, daily between Mincha & Maariv. 

Shabbos Morning Chassidus

Get a taste of Shabbos with Chassidus before davening, the way it has been done for hundreds of years. Led by Rabbi Marlow

Yeshiva Day

What is vacation made for if not to learn Torah? Thanksgiving & Independence day, spend your morning back in Yeshiva with a variety of Shiurim on relevant topics, with breakfast and lunch.

Pre-Yom Tov Halacha Series

Enter the Yom Tov knowing its Halachos.