Main Synagogue

 The grand synagogues  accommodates  minyanim - where communal prayer takes place on Shabbat, holidays and some weekdays. It is a place of celebration, a place of comfort for the mourner saying Kaddish and a place where young and old alike can learn the ancient melodies of prayers that date back to the days of the temple. 


Daily Synagogue

The upstairs sanctuary accommodates daily minyanim, where the community meets multiple times daily. With a numerous  minyan times to select from to fit everyone's schedule needs, and a built in coffee bar and cellphone charging station at it's entrance, this holy space is cemented into many member's daily routines. 

Youth Room 

A huge focus of our thriving community is our youth membership. With children at many ages and stages,  we have accommodating Shabbos & Holiday youth service programs for each age with fine tuned age appropriate curriculum, prayer, parshah food art and staff. We have a Youth Minyan where the children serve as integral members of the community, with leadership roles such as Rabbi, Chazzan and more! With their own weekly newsletter and exciting trips, we are cultivating their sense of community belonging and Jewish pride from a young age, 


A high traffic space of our shul, the lobby serves as much more then a glamorous entry way. Our built in washing stations accommodate the highly attended weekly Kiddush and many functions the Lobby hosts. From simchas to women's programs and farbrengens, this room doesn't see a quiet day! 

Roof Top Venue/Terrace Under the Stars


 The roof top is designed to accommodate 200 people. This fills a large void in the greater Miami area where few halls can boast the capacity to hold events of this magnitude on a beautiful roof top with views to the Collins Avenue skyline.

This is a place to hold holiday celebrations, weddings, brisim, bar/bas mitzvahs in addition to many other occasions which can all be held in one elaborate and sophisticated setting.


Study Hall

  The Study Hall is a center for Torah learning that offers a wide spectrum of study and discussion opportunities. It is where people get together to learn either one-on-one or in groups. Programs available at the Study Hall include a Bar-Bas Mitzvah discovery program, mother/daughter father/son interactive study and men's study group.