S.O.S.   NEW

Sharing Our Selves: Our 8th graders have teamed up with our community in the spirit of giving back. In time of need (a new baby or if there is a specific time span when extra help is needed), our girls will come to your home in pairs, for an hour to help with your children. To reach out, contact Musia Laufer.

Bikur Cholim

When "I" becomes "WE" - "illness" becomes "wellness."  Bais Menachem is launching a new Bikur Cholim initiative, with the goal of having a support system in place for any family going through a medical crisis C”V.  If you would like to join the Whatsapp group that was created (to help with things e.g. rides to Doctor appointments, coordinate play-dates, meals and more), message Russi Arkush: 786-303-7091.

Shifra & Puah

Mazel Tov… it’s a boy… or girl!  Join our well established group of chefs and bakers – or take-out experts, led by Mrs. Josephine Basher, to provide nutritious and delicious meals for new moms and their immediate family members for up to two weeks post birth

Journey to Journey

Join our wealth of strong and experienced mothers and wives as a mentor or mentee (or both)!  Connect with and empower or be empowered by our fellow community members over topics such as child-raising, home management, relationships, or just keeping it together.  *This is NOT a professional service, but a support system.*  To be paired up, reach out to Musia Laufer, Esty Lipskier, Mrs. Marlow, or Naomi Selwyn.

Lost & Found

With the hundreds of people who walk through our building weekly, our Lost & Found box has been a one way door! Please be mindful to check the box and the pictures periodically sent out.

The Hello & Welcome Team

An established group of women have been graciously led by Mrs. Gittel Lazerson to warmly welcome new families into our community with a welcome package.  A group of fantastic hosts welcome new families to their homes for Shabbos meals. To join this group as a host (formatted via whatsapp) contact Musia

Free Loan Fund

We have recently revamped the Bais Menachem Gemach to better serve the needs of our growing community.  The Gemach will be administered in a confidential, professional, organized fashion similar to many other very successful, well established Gemachs throughout the country.  The Bais Menacham Gemach will be run by a committee currently comprised of: