Chess Club - NEW

With Rabbi Geisinksy

Yeshivas Erev - NEW

With Rabbi Segall

Yeshivas Erev is an evening learning program for all boys grades 4-8. At our weekly program, talmidim have the opportunity to learn halacha and mishnah, as well as the ability to review what they are currently learning in school. Participants will also take part in an exciting incentive and reward system.

Sunday Sports - NEW

With Sruli Glabman

After School Sports - NEW

With Shevach Tamir

Girls Chessed Program / Teen Club  - NEW

In the spirit of the Hakhel year we are entering, our teens are joining and spearheading an intercommunity Chessed & social initiative for Teen Girls. From Tomchei Shabbos , Healing Hearts, Senior visits and more, our girls will bond through these shared giving experiences. 

Girls Mivtzoyim

Middle School Mivtzoyim Group. From senior visits to Neshek distribution, this age will join together to socialize and connect in this higher environment. Led by Chavi Horn & Pesie Katz.   

Shabbos Youth Programs

Kids In Action Minyan: 

A Minyan for our Children, by our Children! Our unique KIA Minyan instills within our children, the skills of following along in a  minyan while teaching them their valued place at Shul. Not just on Shabbos, this program extends itself into trips and events throughout the year. 

Shabbos Mevarchim Tehillim: - NEW

“If one knew the power of tehillim one would never stop saying it”
How much more so with our children! Calling all kids who can participate to join a parent and come to Shul early on Shabbos Mevarchim for a kids Shabbos breakfast treat, raffles and prizes for participating kids. 

Shabbos Youth Programs: For all ages and stages, we have dedicated programs geared to each child’s level: Parsha Games, Themed Food Art, Davening, Snacks & more!

Chavrusah Learning Program: Bochurim in 7th & 8th grade come to learn Shabbos afternoon 45 minutes before Mincha. Refreshments will be provided.

Mesibas Shabbos: Boys & girls (grades TBA) come together on the longer Shabbos afternoons for Pesukim, stories, Dvar Torah, games & more. We encourage all parents to help and host this beautiful program.

Yom Tov Children’s Events - From Sukkos to Chanukah, Purim, Lag Ba’Omer and Shavuos, we have special events geared to our children!


Avos U’banim -   Fathers, book a date night with your son over the winter months and show value to his learning with an exciting and interactive program.


Father & Son Camping - Save the date for a unique community camping trip for fathers and sons! 


Mother & Daughter Learning -  Moms, book a morning date with your daughter and show value to her learning with an exciting program. Monthly Sunday morning gathering with learning packets, crafts, treats - coffee table for moms, prizes & more!