KIA Minyan 

A Minyan for our Children, by our Children! Our unique KIA Minyan instills within our children, the skills of following along in a  minyan while teaching them their valued place at Shul.

To sign up please click here(this should take them to the link and wording that’s set up already on the web

Shabbos Youth Programs

For all ages and stages, we have dedicated programs geared to each child’s level. Cleck below to find out more!

Yom Tov Children’s Events

From Sukkos to Chanukah, Purim, Lag Ba’Omer and Shavuos, we have special events geared to our children!

Avos U’banim   NEW

Fathers, book a date night with your son over the winter months and show value to his learning with an exciting and interactive program.

Father & Son Camping   NEW

Save this tentative date: 14 Shevat / February 9th for a unique community camping trip for fathers and sons! 

Mother & Daughter Learning   NEW

Moms, book a date night with your daughter and show value to her learning with an exciting program. Session dates TBA.