Monthly Rosh Chodesh Society “Insight”   NEW

This course studies the Rebbe’s philosophy, showcases the Rebbe’s insights into life, and explores the Rebbe’s profound, resonant messages to our generation. Most importantly, Insight clarifies how the Rebbe’s inimitable leadership style—as well as his many campaigns and initiatives—were all corollaries of the Rebbe’s unique Torah-based view of everything.  Insight allows us a clear window into the teachings of the Rebbe, enabling us to learn how to start seeing everything from a different perspective—a perspective that is truly liberating and life-changing. This seven-lesson series is an opportunity to discover how we too can experience every moment as a life steeped in goodness and kindness.  Taught by Rebbetzin Marlow, starting Rosh Chodesh Kislev.

Weekly Shabbos Shiur

For women by women, our weekly shabbos Shiur is coordinated by Masha Weinfeld and Sarah Yaffa Ross. To host, reach out to the coordinators!


Join the classy events catered to all women to touch upon important dates on the calendar.

The Conversation

The Conversation is a social and educational opportunity to learn, to grow and to inspire ourselves as a community, with a focus on practical elements and Mitzvahs women practice on a regular basis. By empowering ourselves, TOGETHER we can create stronger families, stronger children and stronger values.  Touching on topics: Hair covering– what's the real deal? / Alter your reality - the power of a positive lens / In-laws...or out-laws / The T Word / Finding YOU in the Juggling Act / Getting it Done / Emunah- Blind Faith.