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  • Bais Menachem Teams 5781

  • One of the marvelous things about a community is that it enables us to welcome and help people in a way that we couldn't do as individuals.

    Ka"h Bais Menachem NMB’s daily functions, weekly programs, and monthly events continue to rapidly expand as our membership increases.  Therefore, we are counting on your participation to optimize efficiency and expand programming to an even higher level. All hands are needed on deck!

    The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.  To our selfless volunteers already involved, we thank YOU for your continuous dedication!

    Below is a list of Bais Menachem’s numerous programs and functions.  No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. Kindly take a moment to review and consider where your time and talents can help facilitate or improve our Shul.  Where can you make a difference?

    As we look towards a new and yet another amazing year iy"h at Bais Menachem NMB, we encourage you to please get on board.  Now is the time for you to get more involved!

    The strength of a team is each individual member, yet the strength of each member is the team.  Thanking you in advance for joining our team! We look forward to welcoming you on board!


    Bikur Cholim Caring :  Offering support to families going through short-term illness / medical crisis.  Hospital visits, organizing meals, accompanying to doctor appointments.

    The Hello & Welcome Team :  An established group of women has been graciously led by Mrs. Gittel Lazerson to warmly welcome new families into our community.  Consider taking on a leadership role or assist in the assembling and delivering of gift packages, extend or arrange Shabbos meal invites, support with acclimating into the neighborhood.

    Hachnosos Orchim :  Finding places for out of town guests to eat and /or sleep.

    Shifra & Puah :  Mazel Tov… it’s a boy… or girl!  Join our well established group of chefs and bakers – or take-out experts, led by Mrs. Josephine Basher, to provide nutritious and delicious meals for new moms and their immediate family members for up to two weeks post birth.

    Home help Coordinator : Help organize and coordinate a system for our young teens to do Chessed in our local homes, whether it be on the occasion a newborn baby, a mother on bed rest or a father out of town.

    Lost & Found : With the hundreds of people who walk through our building weekly, our Lost & Found box has been a one way door! Help find ways to find the rightful owners.


    Welcoming :  See someone you don’t recognize?  Help us welcome newcomers and visitors, and assist settling them comfortably in Shul.

    Security :  Led by Mr. Zalman Myer-Smith, our comprehensive security team is comprised of dedicated volunteers that are trained in facility safety, weather emergency reactions, fire, security, and to provide on-call medical services and emergencies. 

    Decorum :  Join our group of positive and respectful individuals, led by Rabbi Steinberg, Mrs. Yael Lebensburger, and Mrs. Naomi Selwyn, to assist in maintaining a respectful and considerate Shul atmosphere on Shabbos and Yom Tov. 

    Chazan Roster :  Assist Mr. Boruch Bar-Chaim in organizing and regularly updating our roster of individuals who will lead our many minyanim.

    Kiddush Committee :  Help in the preparation and setup of Kiddush food.  Acquiring sponsorships. No Shul can survive without it! 

    Shabbos Morning Kids Programs :  Join Rabbi Eli Laufer and the wonderful girls who run our beautiful Shabbos morning programs.  Help facilitate the smooth running of these groups, which are held weekly in Shul. Oversee that children are where they need to be in the already structured programs. 

    Mesibas Shabbos :  Organize / lead educational and fun Shabbos afternoon programs for groups of youngsters, held in private homes. 

    Project Sefarim :  Join mindful members Moshe Bialo, Itchik Brody, Yosef Hellinger and Gedalia Menaker and take the initiative to empower our Youth as foot soldiers in Shul by putting Sefarim back on the shelves. 


    A group of people to facilitate large fundraisers, including Chinese Auction, Match-A-Thon, or other innovative ideas.


    There are many opportunities to get involved throughout the year.  What would you like to be a part of?

    Family Events :  BBQ's - Sukkos - Chanukah - Purim - Lag b'Omer

    Men Only :  Men's Learning / Men's Social

    Women Only :  Women's Learning / Women's Social

    Let’s Farbreng :  Organize inspirational Farbrengens for men, women, teens, etc.  Fundraise for speakers.

    Youth/Teen Enrichment Programs : Get involved in the many programs we have throughout the year. Assist and enhance our existing programs, and/or introduce additional programs to cater to each and every one of the hundreds of children @ BM!  Many thanks to mothers Chaya Rochel Estrin, Shternie Lipszyc, Naomi Selwyn & Bina Teitlebaum for their involvement in planning and hands on help, enhancing OUR children's experience in programs throughout the year!   

    Decor Planning :  Add your special touch to any event by enhancing its beauty and style.

    Set-up :  Not able to organize?  But want to help! Can we count on you to set up tables and chairs, run errands, clean up, etc.


    Tree of life/Yahrtzeit Board :  Oversee dedication opportunities.  Send out custom reminders for those who have an upcoming Yahrtzeit. 

    Birthday Committee :  Help celebrate everyone's milestones.


    If there anything you would like to organize or be a part of, please share your ideas.  We would be delighted to hear from you.

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